Revolutionize Your Business with Chatbot Lead Generation Mechanism

Customer care and support expectations are rising every day. People have hundreds of choices and great products and services displayed on a website are no more a strong enough reason to engage the users. They want quick solutions and prompt response 24x7. The key to keep them happy is not doing everything manually or spending lots of bucks on expanding your customer support team. The [...]

How Chatbots Can Help in Scaling Up Digital Presence?

Intelligent chatbot technology is spreading like a wildfire and contributing tremendously to the digital transformation of small and medium scale businesses. The easy to build chatbot platforms like OBIIBOT have brought a revolution in sectors like education, finance, healthcare, ecommerce and more. According to the insights and stats of a piece of research conducted on people from all over the world reveals that around 70% [...]

Why Chatbots are Essential in the Covid-19 World

The global lockdown situation has undoubtedly brought uncertainty to financial sustainability for businesses of all sizes in most of the industries in different parts of the world. There is no scope of visiting a branch or office for service related support or query. All you can count on is emails, calls and chats. Team members of an organization are using unified communication platforms for live [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Chatbots for Business

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence is magnificent. Applications developed based on AI are widely adopted and cherished. Chatbots are one of the most precious gifts of AI to human beings. A chatbot is capable of stimulating a communication with a human being in natural language without requiring any manual assistance. And, the best thing is these smart bots are not just limited to chat automation. [...]

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