ObiiBot Features

ObiiBot offers a beautiful bouquet of service features tailor-made for small businesses. These features, coupled with sturdy application architecture, provide highly reliable and highly-available Chatbots for business. We are the most inexpensive, intuitive, logic-based Bot building platform in the market. Build optimal customer experience at the lowest cost.

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ObiiBot Drag and Drop Features

Super Simple Bot Studio

ObiiBot's bot studio is intuitive, requires no engineering or coding skills and is super simple. The interface is built on a drag and drop user experience optimised for simplicity and ease of use.

ObiiBot Intuitive Components

Intuitive Components

ObiiBot's bot studio offers 19 component cards to build bot conversations. This includes simpler component cards like text boxes, single selection cards to complex component cards like Image Carousel and JSON API Hook cards.

ObiiBot multilanguage

Converse in local dialect

ObiiBot is built to converse in local languages. ObiiBot supports Unicode text formats across 160 Languages around the globe. Build and adapt Chatbots to suit your nativity.

ObiiBot Hot Leads

Lead Authentication

ObiiBot makes sure you don't get trash data. ObiiBot has built-in One-time-password generators that could be activated for Email and Phone component cards to authenticate user data.

ObiiBot Hot Lead Notification

Hot Lead Notification

ObiiBot makes sure you don't miss out on a hot lead. ObiiBot has built-in SMS and Email triggers to notify you of an authentic and marketing-qualified lead.

Chatbots for woocommerce

E-Shop Friendly

ObiiBot makes it easy to set up cross-selling and up-selling simple for e-shops through specific cards. Set up chatbots on woo-commerce, Shopify, Open cart and other popular E-commerce CMSes.

ObiiBot Appointment Booking

Appointment Management

ObiiBot has a built-in appointment management card that connects with the google calendar app to facilitate slot management and appointment booking.

ObiiBot campaign manager

Campaign Manager

ObiiBot comes with a built-in email campaign manager with the ability to send 5000 emails a month. Bot studio populates all the emails bots have collected, and additionally, you could import some more contacts to stitch a great campaign.

ObiiBot Google Spreadsheet Integration

Google Spreadsheet Collection

ObiiBot lets you connect your google spreadsheet app with the bot studio's data acquisition channel. Then, receive all the data the bot has conversed on your spreadsheet.

ObiiBot Ready Made Templates

Ready-Made Templates

ObiiBot offers over 30 high-quality, ready-to-use Bot conversation templates for you to pick from. Our professional bot makers craft these templates with customer experience, understanding and expertise.