Chatbots for Customer Support

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Chatbots for customer support

Exceptional customer support is crucial to a business. Customers value businesses that offer superior after-sales support. Therefore, having a dynamic and highly-available customer support channel is critical to the success of a business.

A well-oiled customer support mechanism is what truly separates a business from its competitors. A supported customer is a happy customer, and a happy customer buys more, promotes more and is loyal. On the contrary, bad customer support will lead to the customers finding better alternates.

Having customer support channels is essential to attain and retain customers. Customers become loyal, and their lifetime value increases. Also, while serving the customers, the business can develop tremendous insights into the customer problems, product expectations and potential revenue streams.

Customer support is the true test of a business's service or product quality. After-sales, the business needs to have a real-time understanding of the product or service's performance. This will allow the business to evaluate features, pricing, positioning and more. Interaction with the customer from an Agile development point-of-view is worth in gold.

With ObiiBot, we have addressed two primary problems of a small business - technology and budget.

1. Building chatbots on ObiiBot bot studio is hyper simple, requires no engineering skills and is platform-independent.

2. Chatbots can be deployed for as low as $1 per day - the cost of a cup of coffee at a roadside shop.
Get started at $1/day

Customer service is essential for small businesses as it opens a direct line of communication with customers.

But for Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), setting up an entire customer support team and infrastructure is expensive. Many small businesses fail to achieve success because of this.

MSMEs can harness the true power of chatbots by adopting chatbots as one of their primary customer support channels. By doing so, MSME will save heavily on capital and human resource.

Essential ObiiBot features for Customer Support:

  • ObiiBot has a built-in Code Hook to build custom code for handling queries.
  • ObiiBot's inbuilt API portal can hook ERPs, CRMs or any software application a small business might be using and sync conversations to go with it.
  • ObiiBot's bot studio is powerful enough to produce chatbots that can handle L1/L2 customer supports - which means a small business can set up a 24-7 customer support channel to manage their after-sales support using chatbots.

We recommend buying our enterprise plan for customer support - it costs $1 a day.

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ObiiBot for Customer Support

Critical Aspects of Customer Support:

Faithful customers help a business grow in many ways: Statistics show that loyal customers are four times more likely to buy from the company and twice more likely to refer. A loyal customer will spend more money and invest more time than new customers. A loyal customer is an excellent source of referrals.

1. Availability:

The accurate measure of competent customer support is the highly-available nature of it. What is the point of a customer support channel which is inactive! Ideally, a customer support channel should be available 24-7, but 12-7 is an acceptable standard.

2. Personalised:

Customer support is fulfilling for customers when the business representative identifies them by their personal preferences. By knowing the name, personal preferences and profile, A business will be better positioned to understand the customers and might be able to cross-sell or up-sell services.

3. Problem Solving:

Customer support needs to be solving problems for the customer. There is no value to customer support that doesn't 'support'. The mechanism needs to ultimately deliver a successful solution to the query or issue that a customer has faced. Customers develop a sense of trust when ever-ready, skilled, and problem-solving customer care is backing them up.

4. Proactive:

Customer support needs to be proactive. The ultimate aim of the customer support exercise has to be solving a problem for the paying customer. While solving a problem, the business might realise a lacuna - that could be corrected or compensated. The company might discover a new opportunity - that could be created as a new service or a product vertical.