Chatbots for Websites

Chatbots for websites

ObiiBot Bot building studio is the perfect place to build a chatbot for websites. ObiiBot has over 19 chatbot building components to choose from and is tailor-made for small businesses. You can use the drag and drop interface, or ObiiBot offers a fantastic template library to choose from.

Essential ObiiBot features for Visitor engagement on the website:

  • Easy to build, drag and drop interface, requires no coding skills.
  • ObiiBot Lets you build a chatbot in your local language.
  • ObiiBot is a logic-driven bot builder, so conversation is choice-based for easy visitor engagement.
  • ObiiBot has inbuilt OTP triggers to validate email and phone numbers.
  • ObiiBot sends you a hot lead notification every time someone shares a phone number or an email ID.
  • ObiiBot lets you integrate Google Calendar and Google Spreadsheets.
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Evolution of Visitor Engagement on Websites

Websites are 21st centuries interactive visiting cards. Everyone has one. Websites are indexes of a business or an individual. A dynamic website indicates that the company or an individual is vibrant, robust and trustworthy.

One of the critical aspects of a website is to engage visitors and set up an acquisition funnel to acquire visitor data through interaction. Many businesses do this by setting up blogs, adding rich multi-media content or even a help desk. However, the average attention span of a website visitor is fewer than 30 seconds, and genuine engagement must happen within those 30 seconds, or it is a bust.

Consider this; a business website has less than 30 seconds to convey the value proposition. A website's content must entice a visitor within 30 seconds to share contact information. It is hard!

Many businesses started setting up help-desks on their websites to engage visitors, but that, though it gave a good engagement, turned out costly and ineffective in more than one way.

After years of experimentation and deliberation, the world business community landed on a tiny, little solution by the name 'Chatbot' - a software program created to converse with visitors as a real person, address real concerns and provide real value.

So powerful was this solution that 2016 saw even Google jump on the bandwagon when they bought and turned it into DialogFlow. Business Community realised that Chatbots could be leveraged and optimised to deliver much more than visitor engagement.

Chatbots could converse with visitors, gather their intent, gather and authenticate visitor contact information, address queries, lodge complaints and do much more. And best of all, Chatbots could evolve. Chatbots could be programmed to advance customer engagement and customer support.

Chatbots could be set up on Omnichannel - websites, mobile apps, social media and more. From a business point of view, Chatbots created a perfect channel for Lead generation, customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer support.

Fast forward to 2022, Chatbots are everywhere. They are the sought-after channel for customer support. They answer emergency queries, take down customer complaints, makes a reservation, generate leads, acquires customers and more.

With ObiiBot, we have addressed two primary problems of a small business - technology and budget.

1. Building chatbots on ObiiBot bot studio is hyper simple, requires no engineering skills and is platform-independent.

2. Chatbots can be deployed for as low as $0.2 per day - the cost of a cup of coffee at a roadside shop.
Get started at $0.2/day

Why set up Chatbots for websites?

Improved Engagement:

Chatbots are inherently programmed to converse and engage. It is this attribute that makes chatbots productive. Chatbots engage visitors through 'chats', and in the process, ensure that it understands the visitor intent and conveys vital service or products information in return. This way, if not anything, visitors spend time on the website and get to know the business better.

Tailor-Made Experience:

Chatbots can be programmed to the benefit of the visitor. Chatbots can talk about everyday things or can talk about business-specific things. Irrespective of the posture, Chatbots can capture essential visitor data.
Consider this, a website with a mundane call-to-action button, followed by an unresponsive form to enter data and a thank note for entering, versus a website with a lively chatbot that is conversing with you like a virtual assistant. And the conversation is tailor-made to the visitors' advantage. A funnel can be set up to lead the visitor through a step-by-step acquiring strategy.

From a visitor perspective, this doesn't look forced. Chatting with chatbots can be a seamless process for the visitor to go from being a visitor to a customer.

More Conversion:

Let us agree upon this; we all love being taken care of. We all like it if someone is providing a 'concierge' service. Also, a website has too many distractions for a visitor. A visitor, however knowledgeable, will find it hard to navigate and unearth the true value proposition. The average rate of conversion on a website is less than 3%. With this intent, businesses started setting up a help desk chat window on the website to engage visitors. This ensured higher conversion, but it came at a higher cost. Setting up a human-driven chatbox round the clock costs a business more than they care.

Chatbots provide the perfect, cost-effective alternative to manual chat boxes. Chatbots do the same engagement and provide the same concierge service as humans do. It comes at less than 10% of human resource expense as a cherry on top.

Ease of Use:

A survey conducted by an SEO-tool company suggested that visitors don't find what they want on a website 97 out of 100 times. So despite UI/UX progressing as far as it has, the numbers are concerning if this survey is to be believed.

A Chatbot presents an approach where the visitors NEED NOT search for what they want; instead, they could request what they want. A simplified process makes the visitors find what they want and business to convey what they want—a win-win for both parties.


We have discussed the cost-effectiveness of a chatbot in some of the points above. To add, yes, Chatbots are hyper cost-effective - you can get a chatbot as low as $0.2 a day ( or 20 cents a day). That is less than a cup of coffee in a small hotel somewhere roadside.

Ease of Building:

Building chatbots on ObiiBot chatbot builder is very simple, requires no engineering or coding skills and has an easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) drag and drop interface. We have designed the interface keeping in mind the intent of the small business.

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