About ObiiBot

Obiibot is a simple to use, dynamic conversation Bot-Building-Platform which allows you create bots to turn your website more engaging. Building a bot with Obiibot interface is a matter of few minutes. Use Drag and Drop tool to build your script and replies. Deploy the JS code on your website to convert your visitors into subscribers. 

Building Bots using Obiibot requires no technology understanding. We have designed the Interface to empower scores of small and medium-scale businesses with limited tech skills to harness the power of chatbots at a modest cost.

Getting Started


Sign-up with us

Click on the pricing menu in the header. Choose a package which suits your requirement. Sign-up by providing information such as your name, email ID, phone number and so on. A verification email is sent and upon verification your account is now active.



You can login by entering your registered email ID and password which you have set. You can use “forgot password” option if you forgot your password. System will reset your password and share a new one to your registered email ID.


Trial Period

To give you a taste of our service and quality of the tool, we have allotted a trial period for every package. You can use this period to evaluate the bot and its utility for your business. 

Building your first bot


Upon login, Click upon "Create new Script" option


Enter Details of your bot!


Build a bot by using our Bot-Builder


Here, you can find some of our ready-to-use templates to help you build

Bot Building Elements

Obiibot has 18 in-built script building elements to facilitate Bot conversations. Number of these script building elements may vary for each package. This includes a Text message, Multi-choice, Multi-select, Date-Picker, Appointment Manager, Range Selector, Auto-Suggest Text box, Emoji-based Rating Collector, Scaled Opinion Collector, Link Builder, Card Block, Slider Card Block, A File-Uploader, Video Card, Audio Card, Google Powered Location Text Box, Email Collector and Phone Number Collector.  

Obiibot has a JSON API Card which allows you to create dynamic conversations involving data from your applications such as an ERP, CRM, CMS or other cloud-based tools. You can integrate the Bot with a REST API endpoint that supports GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods. 

By nature, Bot building features are multi-lingual in nature. It supports Unicode texts of any language. 

Conditional Jumps

Obiibot allows the conditional conversation through the use of ‘RQ Jump. The ‘RQ’ in the RQ Jump stands for ‘Rational Quotient’. RQ Jump allows you to create conditional jumps in the conversation based on a user input. 

For example, during a conversation, your bot may ask a user which one does she/he like more, Iron Man or Captain America? User X might say she likes Iron man while User Y might say he likes Captain America. RQ Jump allows the bot to have a different set of follow-up conversations upon such selection. For User X, Bot might continue conversation saying “Great Choice, Robert Downey Jr Rocks!” and for User Y, Bot might say “Hey! how good was Chris Evans as Captain America!”

To access RQ Jump, open the script builder and add an element. You will find the RQ Jump icon right next to the ‘edit’ icon. 

Along with options to jump a particular conversation point, RQ Jump has 2 default positions.
1. No Jump: This is the default state of all RQ jumps. It means that the bot will go to the conversation element present in the chronological order below. 
2. End of Conversation: When this option is selected, the Bot ends the conversation. 

Helper Elements

Obiibot has a set of helper elements to assist you in building conversations which create a human-like experience for the user.  

1. Custom Delay: 
Every bot element has a custom delay Helper element. This helps in creating a custom delay (defined in the number of seconds) to create humanized content delivery and also help in creating ample time for the user to read a text before the next text turns up. 

2. Halt Conversation: 
This is a switch. If turned on, this holds the conversation at that very point, till user wishes to continue conversation! 

3. End Conversation: 
This too, is a switch. If turned on, this helper element shows a “End Conversation” button in the conversation interface and allows the user to end the conversation with the Bot from the front end. 

4. Back: 
This switch, when turned on, shows a “Back” button in the conversation interface and allows the user to go back to the previous conversation point.  

5. Skip: 
This switch, when turned on, shows a “skip” button in the conversation interface and allows the user to skip a conversation point.   

6. Swear Jar: 
To avoid abusive language and obscene conversations, We have created Swear Jar Helper Element. Swear Jar lets you create a library of abuses and allows you to let the set the bot reaction to it.   

This is a multi-select text box. Fill this up with abuses, swear words you can think of. This lets Bot build a library of abuses.   

You enter the response you want your bot to give when it encounters an abuse during conversation.    

This lets you guide your Bot to either end the conversation after it gets abused or continue despite of it.    

Installation Guide

Obiibot can be installed on a website as a widget or can be embedded into the website pages. Once the bot is scripted, on the dashboard thumbnail, please look for an option by name “Copy”.

Adding a widget:
Upon clicking, a pop-up comes up. Please click on “Copy widget”. Now, the widget code snippet is copied to your clipboard. Paste this snippet in your website code.

Embedding Bot into your webpage:
Click on “Copy Iframe” button in the pop-up. Now, the Iframe code snippet is copied to your clipboard. Paste this snippet into the webpage code where you want to run the bot. 

Accessing Chat Transcript

Obiibot not only allows you to download Bot chat transcript in CSV format, it also allows you to integrate bot transcript into google sheets. 

1. Downloading Transcript in CSV format
In the Dashboard, click on “Responses” option of the Bot under consideration.

Now, click on the “Export CSV” button found on the right-hand side of the page. This will automatically start downloading the bot transcript in CSV to your local machine. 

2. Integration

In the Dashboard, Click on “Edit” option of the Bot under consideration. On the left-hand side, navigate to the option by name “Integrations” and click on it.

You will now see a Google Sheets thumbnail. Upon clicking the thumbnail, it will interface will prompt you to connect with your google account. Connect with your preferred google account.

Google will verify your account, and upon verification prompts to grant permission to Obiibot to change and update your google spreadsheets. Please click 'allow’. This grants us permission to insert Bot transcript data into your google spreadsheets.

Now, Enter a filename and click on create. This sheet will contain Bot chat transcript. 


We have created packages tailor-made for small and medium scale businesses. You can begin by selecting package appropriate for you. Every package has a trial period associated with it. During this time, you can test the Bot for its utility and experience the Bot engagement.

Once the trial period is over, you can to subscribe to the package you have selected by paying either a monthly fee or a yearly fee. This fee will be non-refundable. 

You can renew your account by clicking on “Plans and Pricing” menu found on the left-hand side.

In the interface, you can select monthly or yearly billing type and pay through a third-party API. Upon payment confirmation, you will receive an email notification with the invoice. You can find all the transactions ever made under Account->My Billing. 

Avail GST Invoice:
To avail GST Invoice, Please update your GST number by clicking on Account->My Information.