Chatbots for Magento

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Chatbots for Magento

ObiiBot lets businesses build Chatbots for Magento in a few minutes and a few clicks. One can do this by following these simple steps:

  • Register and build a chatbot script.
  • Export the widget JS.
  • Log in to the Magento Account.
  • On the admin panel, click on the 'content' menu and click on 'design.'
  • This should open up a design editor. Next, locate the miscellaneous HTML Text area located in the Footer section.
  • Paste the JS code snippet and Save Configuration.
  • Check storefront for the working widget.
Get started at $0.2/day

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform built on the Zend-PHP framework. As of 2022, Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms globally, according to a survey conducted by LiteExtension.

Magento was launched in 2008 by Varien and was acquired by Adobe in 2018 for a massive 1.68 Billion USD. Magento has over 300K paying users and over 1 million stores.

Magento competes with WooCommerce, Shopify and other popular eCommerce portals. Magento, like WooCommerce, is open-source, which means that the code is available and open for everyone and anyone to own up. This makes Magento developer-friendly. Magento has a massive following of developers worldwide.

Magento is easy to use, safe to deploy and, best of all, provides highly-scalable architecture. The fact that highly acclaimed international brands like Nike and Samsung use Magento for their eCommerce trades is a living testament that Magento offers an enterprise-level solution.

One of the main reasons for Magento's popularity compared to other eCommerce solutions in the market is that Magento offers businesses complete control and code flexibility control over their eCommerce stores.

Magento provides an ideal and free alternative to Shopify for an Omnichannel retail business. Magento POS allows Online and Offline selling with centralised inventory management.

Magento as an application is designed for non-technical, novice users. As mentioned before, Magento has a massive developer following, and they are accommodating. Developers have built and contributed plugins, extensions and code patches and have made Magento the most robust open-source eCommerce application in the market.

With ObiiBot, we have addressed two primary problems of a small business - technology and budget.

1. Building chatbots on ObiiBot bot studio is hyper simple, requires no engineering skills and is platform-independent.

2. Chatbots can be deployed for as low as $0.2 per day - the cost of a cup of coffee at a roadside shop.
Get started at $0.2/day

ObiiBot provides the ideal Chatbot building opportunity for Magento Open-Source eCommerce. By using ObiiBot's bot building studio, you can develop chatbots that can engage your Magento eCommerce store visitor, gather intent and cross-sell or up-sell on your behalf.

Essential ObiiBot features for Magento

  • ObiiBot Lets you build a chatbot in your local language.
  • ObiiBot is a logic-driven bot builder, so conversation is choice-based for easy visitor engagement.
  • ObiiBot has inbuilt OTP triggers to validate email and phone numbers.
  • ObiiBot has inbuilt customer authentication hooks.
  • ObiiBot has a service assurance of 99.99% - your bots will function 24/7.
  • ObiiBot has built-in components to drive cross-selling and up-selling.
Get started at $0.2/day

ObiiBot empowers Chatbots for Magento

Here are the top 5 advantages of using chatbots for Magento

1. Deliver a Terrific Customer Experience

One of the essential attributes of effective customer engagement is a quick and prompt response to queries on an eCommerce store. A small business can adopt a chatbot to cater to customer queries and advanced assistance before escalating the matter to a human professional.

2. Saves Time and Cost

Setting up a customer engagement front desk with human resources means more workforce requirements, time, and money. As an alternative, small businesses can invest in building chatbots to handle queries and troubleshooting on their eCommerce storefront. Chatbots can manage common customer issues, troubleshooting and more. And for questions the chatbot cannot handle - it can escalate to the front desk.

3. High Reliability and Efficiency

Quick responses and lower resolution time can help small businesses engage their customers and develop a cordial business relationship. This will ensure trust amongst the customer, empowering them to purchase on the Magento eCommerce store. However, setting up a front desk to assist with customer queries and provide quick responses round the clock might cost small businesses very dearly. Also, from a human resource point of view, it will be demotivating to be answering FAQs every time. Chatbots are ideal for such customer engagements.

4. Better Sales

Chatbots can be programmed to up-sell and cross-sell products or services based on the customer intent on a Magento eCommerce store. Chatbots can intuitively derive that a customer who has purchased an item or a service might want a related entity or a service and make a pitch.

5. Personalised Service

Chatbots can be programmed to deliver personalised service to customers on a Magento eCommerce store. Chatbots can be made to recognise the customer's location, language preference, service preferences and more. Such personalised service can make customers feel privileged.