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Chatbots for MSMEs - Trend Setter Alert

Chatbots for MSMEs - Trend Setter Alert

The evolution of simpler technology has made Chatbots an integral part of businesses in recent times. However, if you think Chatbots are just a decade old or so, you need to turn the pages of history, and you will come across ELIZA, a program developed by Alan Turing and Joseph Weizenbaum in 1966.

While chatbots can do many things, In this blog, we will touch upon the essential use of chatbots for MSMEs, a few realistic points to prove why small and medium-sized businesses need to adapt to chatbots in today’s world like never before.

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How do Chatbots for MSMEs help?

The idea of chatbots began with the simple thought of giving people the illusion that they interact with a human in real-time. Alan Turing’s way ahead of time thoughts about machine intelligence was taken as an elementary concept by Joseph Weizenbaum, which led him to create ELIZA, the first-ever chatbot in history. With time, chatbots became prevalent, and they penetrated every industry like FMCG, Education, Banking and Finance, IT, Gaming, Online Food Ordering, Cab Rentals and whatnot.

The world is moving faster and faster every moment. Customers have lost patience significantly. They want everything at their fingertips, queries answered and problems solved at a lightning-fast speed. Large enterprises have adopted chatbots and are reaping tremendous benefits. It is time for Micro, Small and Medium Scale businesses to hop onto this bandwagon now. So, The BIG question that might hit your mind here is how exactly a chatbot can benefit your business?

Advantages of Adopting Chatbots for MSMEs Business

Messaging apps are becoming popular among internet users. Small and medium scale enterprises can harness this opportunity to understand their customers’ intent with the help of their data during an automated conversation. Here are the top advantages of chatbots for a website.

A WOW Customer Experience:Need a cab? A chatbot can be at your service. Need product recommendations? Chatbots can do that too. Customers need prompt responses to their queries and problems raised. A small business can adopt a chatbot to cater to basic customer queries and advanced assistance before escalating the matter to a human professional. A great product or service, best price and super customer assistance – what else does a customer want?

Saves Time and Cost:More customer queries demanding human responses mean more workforce, time, and money requirements. Shorter conversations will save your time and money. Chatbots are programmed to handle basic as well as advanced queries and troubleshooting. Even if you adopt a basic chatbot on your website, most of your regular customer queries and issues will be handled by it, and only a few matters will be escalated to the front desk.

A Reliable and Efficient Program Quick responses and resolution time can help you engage your customers and retain them. Your front desk professionals may not be able to serve 24x7, answering the same old queries and solving the common issues and honestly, they shouldn’t too. When you rely on a modern chatbot for a website programmed to take care of all these elementary needs, you don’t have to squeeze the unnecessary work out of your front desk employees and keep hiring the new ones.

Better Sales: Chatbots can be harnessed in several ways. First, these bots can be more intelligent than we all think. For example, if a customer hits the chat option to resolve his problem, a chatbot can guide him through the process. Once the chat comes to a good end, it can recommend relevant products, services or offers and discounts to accelerate your business sales too.

Does your small or medium-scale enterprise still need a chatbot? Well, the answer is a big YES if your customers use messaging apps frequently, your front desk employees can’t keep their eyes comprehensive open 24x7 to handle your same old customers’ queries, and you badly need good customer retention. Chatbots are the PRESENT – not the FUTURE anymore.

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