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Here are some popular Case Studies to help in harnessing the power of Obiibot

Lead Generation

Lead-generation is an essential aspect for any business. A lot of businesses invest heavily on digital marketing and in creating digital footprints, for visibility. But if digital tools don’t engage visitor, over 67% of the visitors go unheard and unattended to. This means, nonengagement reduces Lead-generation capability of your tool, taking a massive toll on ROI. Studies have shown that a personal-level interaction with a visitor increases chances generating a qualified and verified Lead by 53%. But having a human executive to interact and engage, not only increases overheads tremendously but also has inherent human-limitations. Chatbots offers an ideal solution by engaging a visitor aptly, providing intelligence to the right amount and being available 24/7. Hey! Chatbots don’t take smoke-breaks!

Lead Generation OBIIBOT

Customer-Feedback OBIIBOT

Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Surveys

Essential part of offering a service is to understand from the customers their feedback on the service. This helps the business understand their short-comings, make appropriate changes and as an end-result, succeed. However, Traditional methods of garnering feedbacks and satisfaction surveys do not create a conductive environment for the customer to provide honest review. Chatbots create an empathetic environment for the customers to share feedback and submit exact review. Oh! Chatbot, empathy is thy name!

Customer Service and After Sales Support

Customer Service is one of the highest-rated attributes for a business. A business which offers excellent customer service and after sales support is often, the most preferred by the customers. But for a small organization, setting up an exclusive customer support team and infrastructure might be expensive and also adds to their overheads. Chatbots provide an attractive and distinguished possibility to facilitate customer support. Chatbots can be made intuitive enough to understand the nature of the issue and provide apt remedies. In-cases where a real human intervention is needed, bots can do a pre-screening and provide a hand-shake to the executive. Chatbots to the rescue!

Lead Generation OBIIBOT