Why Chatbots are Essential in the Covid-19 World

The global lockdown situation has undoubtedly brought uncertainty to financial sustainability for businesses of all sizes in most of the industries in different parts of the world. There is no scope of visiting a branch or office for service related support or query. All you can count on is emails, calls and chats.

Team members of an organization are using unified communication platforms for live discussions, doubt-clearing sessions and presentations. Even teachers and students, as well as business owners and clients, are doing the same to avoid the communication gap. But, is it possible to stick with one-to-one or limited member communication on a platform especially when a business has a huge client-base and so many prospects with endless queries?  Here comes the role of chatbots during COVID-19.

How chatbots are making life easier?

Thousands of queries are whirling in our minds since the first lockdown extension in India. The changing norms related to lockdown restrictions, essential service availability, segregation of regions into zones, alerts and health advice from experts – everyone wants to keep up with all these updates. The government has decided to deliver on-time and accurate replies and solutions to the citizens through automated technology integrated into their official websites. Similarly, a myriad of businesses joined the bandwagon by embracing chatbots to answer product or service related queries in different languages, showcase products in the form of carousels, generate leads, data authentication and so forth.

Chatbots – An Ocean of Opportunities

Professional chatbot building platforms like OBIIBOT can take your stress out if you are one of those business owners that are struggling to sustain their lead generation and sales and customer base during this pandemic. There are low cost chatbot plans for start-ups, medium scale and well-established organizations.  You can customize your bot as per your business needs and integrate with your website with just tiny scripts – No coding is required!

It’s true that COVID 19 has hit individuals and businesses hard and has shut many doors. But, fortunately, we are living in a digitally advanced era where artificial intelligence is offering an ocean of opportunities which is a sigh of relief. You can also scale your business with easy to build chatbots. Focusing on what you can do rather than what you can’t, may surely bring some rays of hope in life.  

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