Revolutionize Your Business with Chatbot Lead Generation Mechanism

Customer care and support expectations are rising every day. People have hundreds of choices and great products and services displayed on a website are no more a strong enough reason to engage the users. They want quick solutions and prompt response 24x7. The key to keep them happy is not doing everything manually or spending lots of bucks on expanding your customer support team. The answer is Marketing Automation or in simple words – Chatbots. With the chatbot technology like Obiibot where you can simply customize the script as per your business needs, you are never going to miss any sales.

Chatbots As Lead Generation Mechanism

Do you know that a chatbot can act as a Lead Magnet for your business? That’s absolutely true and tested by numerous MSMEs across the globe. Chatbots build a long-term relationship with prospects. Normal showcasing of products and services is BORING. Users are accustomed to using messaging apps or chat tools. Chatbots will neither be a rocket science to the users nor the business. With chatbots like Obiibot, you can make your users spend more time on your website and gather their personal information in a fun and custom manner. 

Comprehensive Understanding of Your Audience

It’s quite easier to choose what you can offer someone when you know that person inside out. Psychographics play a vital role in marketing. Selling a product or service becomes smoother when you already know the interests of a user and a chatbot does this job for you. Not only it enhances user engagement but also gives you an insight about the consumer’s likes and dislikes. Chatbots with customizable scripts let you project greetings, quizzes, questions or surveys.

Audience Segmentation

You may not want to suggest home cleaning services to a customer who is more interested in buying a smartphone, right? Audience Segmentation accelerates your lead generation strategy and chatbots help you to do this by collecting valuable user data like age, gender, interests, demographics and more.

Filtered Leads

This is one of the most alluring features of customizable chatbots like Obiibot. You are already spending time and money on maintaining your online inventory, promoting it, upgrading it and approaching prospects. You may not want to entertain the users who are not serious about purchasing your products or services. Chatbots make it easier for you. With OTP verification, chatbots collect the user’s email or phone number to make sure he is quite serious about making a purchasing decision and you get a verified lead...voila!

Availing a chatbot for website won’t cost you much but you can multiply your leads for sure. Traditional web contact forms are out-dated and boring. Chatbots are a cool way to cater to your prospects from different demographics and sectors.


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